Can School Canopies really help kids get active?

It is a known fact that physical activity plays an important role in improving the overall health and fitness levels of school children. Not only does it improve circulation and increase blood flow to the brain, but increased physical activity also helps to reduce stress levels and help students to achieve more academically. Being active during the day, whether at school or not, also helps to ensure a good night’s sleep and that then feeds into the entire benefits package that physical activity provides.
However, recent research suggests that a high proportion of children don’t get enough exercise or physical activity at school. Whether this is due to timetable issues, lack or school resource, or just due to unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, is unknown, but  it has been reported that schoolchildren in the country are spending fewer hours on outdoor activities and play.
To combat this inactivity and help young people gain sufficient exercise, F&P wanted to look more in depth at something we have seen on a number of local schools in Kent. Playground shelters and customised school canopies would be a great investment. We talked to one supplier, 123v about their offering:
“Such playground covers and open-sided structures can help kids to get more active which, in turn, will aid classroom concentration. This will also help teachers to hold outside classrooms, whatever the weather.”
They also pointed out some of the other main benefits that a school canopy can provide:
Increased Creativity: A school canopy is a great way to encourage students to seek motivation from the surrounding natural environment and thereby increase their creative levels. Such form of natural inspiration can help to heighten their motivation and imagination levels and help schoolchildren perform well across their academic studies.
Outdoor Learning: A school canopy also serves as an outside classroom shelter, providing students with an alternative learning space. 123v playground shelters can be built and customised according to specific requirements and their installation team works closely with planners and local authorities to ensure compliance with local building regulations. Their Regional Surveyors are experienced in designing and providing suitable structures for schools, nurseries and colleges across the UK.
Increased Motivation Levels: Due to increased contact with nature and the environment, playground canopies in children’s play areas have been proven to benefit youngsters of all ages. Such form of outdoor learning is likely to increase a student’s motivation levels and enhance his or her academic performance. Besides enhancing children’s learning experiences, shelters for schools also encourage them to consider and care more for their environment.
Weather Protection: A canopy on your school building will help to increase the usability of your outdoor space and offer protection so that pupils and staff can stay dry when the weather worsens.  Sturdy playground covers help children to combat inactivity, in spite of extreme weather conditions.
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