A Home Office that Begs to Be Worked In

Whether you work from home full-time, or simply bring work home with you after the day is over, sometimes it takes a little kick to get you going. With all the distractions that come with being at home, a set office space is absolutely necessary for you to put 100% into your work. Do away with any distractions, and set yourself allotted break times that’ll allow you to complete your work just as if you were at the office, but with the creature comforts of home.

Lots of Light
The easiest way to want to work from (or at) home is to have an office space that is built to suit your needs, without sacrificing style. Choose a room with a lot of natural light for days when the work week extends through to the weekend. The natural light from outdoors will calm you through stressful tasks, while also motivating you to finish and get out there for real. For evenings and late nights, be sure to keep a lamp on your desk, like this vintage banker’s lamp from Wayfair. Keep the overhead lights turned off, since they can be triggers for headaches and nausea. Leave those ones at the office!

Image source: Comfree Saskatchewan

A Pop of Colour
Color psychologist Angela Wright says that blue stimulates the mind, allowing you to be “the most productive” possible. Consider a color like Benjamin Moore’s Lake Placid or Sherwin Williams’ Mountain Stream for understated blues with a hint of grey that’ll allow you an ease of productivity without sacrificing style.

Books Galore
Books are an easy way to bring some style into your office space. Depending on your job, the books may be necessary for assistance, or if you’re a book worm with more books than space, adding shelving to your office will do the decorating for you. Having research materials at hand will prevent any distractions. Try some innovative shelving like these, incorporating books and empty picture frames to your wall space.

Image Source: Flavor Wire

Office Space
While a table chair stolen from the kitchen may seem tempting, do yourself a favor and get an office chair for your home office. You don’t need to sacrifice your office’s décor for this, of course. The typical black leather office chair can stay at the office, when you’re home, consider something a bit more modern, such as this white one, also from Pottery Barn. The soft linen fabric begs to be seated in, but the ergonomic design allows for optimum concentration. Complete the look with the perfect desk for a stylish office that commands your attention!


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