5 Great Garden Ideas

When looking at your home, a garden is an important area you should notice present whether small or large. A garden should create a natural, fresh and inviting environment. If your home has a sizable garden enjoy that space and spend time relaxing and meditating. Modify your garden to become like a room inside your lovely house.
For starters choose a style of garden that suits your climate, soil conditions and situation, and that you have the time and expertise to manage and maintain. This way you will be able to keep on top of it and prevent it becoming overgrown or unruly. You can come up with creative and crazy ideas to add to your garden to make it reflect your personality.
Glowing-light effects
In Britain we love to make the most of our gardens in the summer, let’s face it our summer is often short and warm days feel few and far between, as a result we enjoy staying out in our gardens long into the evenings so why not plan your garden with both the daytime and nighttime in mind. Add lights to give it a lively effect. This could be through adding outside fairy lights or put lights or candles inside old jars then hang using wire from different trees. Add some colour using lights various colours. This very garden you can hold a barbeque for your friends and family.
Mirror reflection 
Mirrors don’t have to be kept for indoor use only. Well-placed mirrors can create the illusion of more space in a small garden. The mirror will help to bring some light reflected from the sun into the garden creating a cool environment. If you have a big garden mirror reflections can still look good.
Relaxation effect
You can turn your garden into a place where friends and family come to ease their minds by simply adding some comfortable furniture for them to sit on. You can spend a small fortune on some beautiful pieces or simply take an old crate and on top add some cushions for a more rustic look.
Water Features
Make your garden a paradise by including a water feature. They provide a soothing sound of water cascading down gracefully and can often attract wildlife to your garden. You could opt for a small feature such as this Romanesque Fountain if your garden is small, or if you have a larger garden a pond, which you could add some fish and plant life to.
Dresser and flower pots touch
A garden with many flowers and plants will need some flower pots, to avoid buying many flower pots consider getting an old dresser to create an unusual feature in your garden. An old painted dresser gets a new life as a multilevel planter, while adding a sense of fun and a talking point for guests. Put each flower in the open drawers and bring the eye upward to hanging wall baskets.
The best way to gather ideas is first look at the gardens around and talk to their owners, or for greater inspiration visit a flower show, such as The Blenheim Palace Flower Show at the end of June.