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Mobile Office and home broadband: Mifi from Three

One of the challenges of working with a mobile office or home office broadband is finding the right deal. The right deal for you, your house, your family, and your usage levels.

There are now apparently hundreds of choices in broadband provider and even more technical jargon that goes with it evidently confusing the issue further when you are trying to make the best financial and practical decision to bring the Internet into your home.

Add to the decision making process the fact that you also need Internet access when you are out and about and you end up paying twice – once for your home broadband, and once for your mobile broadband.

So thus we move to the crux of this tale. It was Christmas and I was looking to purchase an iPad – but which to go for? The mobile Internet enabled version, or the wifi only version saving around £100.

It happened that my Christmas shopping coincided with moving house into a rented property. This complicated my home broadband choice further as I wasn’t sure how long I would be staying in the property and didn’t want to sign up to a twelve month contract.

The answer, in a kind of man-logic fudged manner, came in the form of the mobile broadband Mifi device from the UK mobile network Three.

I chose to go for the cheaper wifi only version of the iPad and use the money I ‘saved’ to pay for the Mifi device from Three. The monthly fee was equivalent or less than the monthly mobile Internet for ipad contracts that were available, and it offered me a larger data allowance. The Mifi has therefore become both my mobile Internet and home home broadband.

I had reservations about signing up to three due to historic signal/network issues, but I have to confess my real life experience has been fantastic – in fact I have better signal from three than I do from O2 on my iPhone.

The Mifi version I got comes with a handy desk based adapter/base that enables you to walk in, slot the Mifi into its base and it charges the device whilst you use it as your home wireless router (it can serve up to 4 wifi enabled devices).

One of the side effects of using the Mifi (other than the cost savings) is that my office is now anywhere – truly mobile computing, I can literally scoop up my laptop, iPad, phone and broadband and head to the beach and carry on working just like I’m at home.

In terms of data allowance, I think I get around 12gb a month limit, now I’m a moderate to heavy user (was on sky unlimited beforehand) and yet I don’t appear to have used 12gb in 3 months usage.

Welcome to the mobile revolution, I recommend you give it a go if it suits your lifestyle or you are interested in having a mobile office.