Planning finances for separation or divorce

Sadly not all relationships last forever, and when you have children together, it makes separation more difficult on both a practical and emotional level.

We will look at the various considerations involved in separation and divorce in a number of posts on this site, but for this article we will be concentrating on the financial implications and planning needed.

Tesco Clubcard

Yes it may seem trivial, but I imagine like most entwined couples you only had one Tesco Clubcard account. Now is the time to take the brave steps towards clubcard independence and get your own account. Signup at and download the Tesco iPhone app which enables you to have your clubcard on your phone, ready to scan (if it works). Points makes vouchers and these can be exchanged for restaurant vouchers – useful for the weekends when you have the children, if applicable, or for those irregular yet expensive birthday lunches.


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