Why tutoring can be the difference between an A grade and a C grade for your child

As it comes to the time when your children are taking exams and planning their futures, it is natural for you as a parent to want your children to fulfil their potential. Despite their hard work and determination however, some children are not always fortunate enough to bring home the grades they need or deserve.

This can be due to a number of things such as distractions, nerves, the inability to perform in exams or a lack of subject understanding. However, the most common reasons why your children might not perform as well as they potentially could is because they do not fully understand certain concepts or store the volume of information they have learnt in the classroom to later transfer it to paper. With the stress of exams and deadlines it becomes very hard to concentrate and digest material that they will later need. This is natural and due to simple factors such as school environments and teachers. Although they have the best intentions, they can often struggle to teach the full curriculum to a relatively large class size whilst making sure all students fully grasp topics and extend learning or deepen understanding in areas where they excel.

No one can tell how an exam will go but there are alternatives that can improve the chance of your child achieving their best possible grade. A great way to teach your child in the comfort of your home is by hiring a private tutor or using a tutoring service which brings the teacher to your home and offers direct and individual tutoring on any specific areas where your child is having difficulties.

There are a range of agencies and individual tutors available that will guarantee to increase your children’s results and it is important that you choose an option that both you and your child are comfortable with and where your child will be most engaged and open to learning. Otherwise the whole process of tutoring will be rendered useless.

ITutorMaths offer a range of services that do not require the tutor to be physically present at your home. This is ideal for your child if he or she is shy and doesn’t feel comfortable with face to face private tuition which can sometimes be intense. With iTutorMaths however, your child joins a live expert tutor in an online classroom that is relevant to their subject area and level of study. From there, both you and your child can work together following the classes and have an enjoyable learning experience from any remote computer in the world with an internet connection.

Students are assigned tutors, making the tutoring process almost identical to having a physical tutor; students can see, hear and speak to their tutor via the online classroom and headset. Live online tuition simply offers convenience, comfort and safety to children and parents which ultimately makes your child more willing to learn. Offering the same advantages as a personal tutor, your child will still be set homework and will be required to complete specific tasks to aid and improve their ability. Acting as a great way for your children to improve both their computer skills as well as their chosen subject area of tutoring, this is a method that is becoming increasingly popular with parents of children across most age ranges.

All iTutorMaths tutors are highly qualified, experienced and CRB checked to ensure that 100% of students pass with A* to C grades and affording your child to be better prepared for exams, tests and further study.

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