Three reasons to head for Colombia

Forget the past pre-conceptions of Colombia, over the last few years this South American gem has become far more than a destination for intrepid back-packers and the destination for anyone looking for an alternative luxury holiday in South America. Here are three top reasons to head to Colombia.


A maze of beautiful cobbled streets, leafy plaza’s and friendly, vibrant locals this old town is one of the continents finest. A Unesco World Heritage site, Cartagena is bursting with colonial charm and intriguing history that hits you at every turn. Visit the ‘Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas’, a beautifully preserved fortress constructed in the 16th century, head for the beaches outside of the walled city and hole up in one of the many luxurious yet affordable hotels.

Tayrona National Park

Lying on the Caribbean coast in the North of Colombia, Tayrona National Park is a picture perfect park of pristine beaches, huge swaths of untouched rainforest and incredible wildlife. Just 34 km from Santa Marta the park is made up of 12,000 land hectares and 3,000 marine hectares giving you more than enough to explore.

Zona Cafetera

Responsible for nearly half or Colombia’s most famous crop; Coffee, Zona Cafetera lays between the gorgeous lush valleys and snow-capped peaks in the north west of the country. It’s nature that is at its best in this region of Colombia and if you’re looking to explore lush coffee plantations or trek high into the Andes, this is the place to visit.

Article from Exsus Luxury Holidays

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