Homeowners opt for natural enhancements

I’m talking about Oak. Oak flooring in particular. It seems that despite the cold weather, us Brits are opting for less carpet and more solid floors.

The laminate fad of the 90s seems a distant memory now, and having experienced it first hand in our first house I can only say I’m quite glad too! The previous owners to us were a little laminate happy and in our 300 sq foot ground floor they’d managed 4 different laminate floor types. I distinctly remember how cold it always felt underfoot and how the dust-balls used to roll across the floor like tumbleweed despite cleaning every day (remember the Swiffer?)

Exuding a natural sense of beauty and strength, oak flooring has become a favourite amongst homeowners and interior designers searching for style and elegance to revamp their homes.

Oak flooring comes in a range of styles, from engineered oak flooring to solid wood. This means there is plenty for different budgets and styles of house, and enough choice that you (like our previous inhabitants) can have a different look for each area of your house too!

Each oak flooring product is available in a variety of colours from dark to very pale with glossy or matte finishes.

For more information, or to see the options, check out your local flooring specialist, see what offer the DIY stores have, or start with an online specialist.