Comfy Footwear for Those Important First Steps

There’s an advert running on our local radio at the moment with the line “my mother always said you should invest in good shoes and a good bed, ’cause when you’re not in one, you’re in t’other”.

They were advertising beds… I’m going to focus on the other.

Anyone who’s ever taken care of a child knows how important it is to find the proper baby shoes. In my search for shoes for my babies, I’ve tried high street footwear retailers, and more recently experimented with high street retailer’s footwear (a subtle difference I ‘ll grant you).

Today I’m looking at Vertbaudet. They are a UK company that specialises in children’s attire, and they have a whole line of footwear just for babies with a focus on comfort. (Full line of footwear for babies is listed on the company website).

Baby Girl’s Kickers Ankle Boots

For boys and girls (yes there are differences), Vertbaudet offers shoes, rubber boots and snow boots. There a variety of models available, including the ankle boots which are designed to promote good posture in the baby. The full range is designed to  give you as the parent the choice over what you would like your baby to wear, for example,  the ankle boots are also helpful to babies who still need a lot of support from their shoes. There are two different models available for these ankle boots, one for new-borns and one for babies who have been walking for a little while.

Again, it really comes down to what is best for each child,  by having choice you can make the best choice for your baby. The respective models are designed to make the walking experience more comfortable for the respective ages. There is also a version of the Kicker ankle boots for girl babies. The main difference between the boys’ version and the girls’ version is colours; the boys’ version is available in colours such as black, dark blue and grey, whereas the girls’ version comes in colours such as pink and purple. Great, for having those arguments with little girls over only wearing pink … which coincidently happens from day one!

For me, it was the Newborn Aster special first step ankle boots, which provided lots of arch support to my new-born. These ankle boots are designed with small children’s morphology in mind, and the natural contours of the foot are followed by the shape of the boot. Of course, this helps to make the shoe more comfortable. These baby shoes may be used by boys or girls.

Then there are the practicalities of having children, you know the type of scenario …. you’ve finally got out the door after spending 3 hours getting everyone dressed, changing nappies, spare clothing and enough stuff to sink a ship. You have been out 10 minutes when  one of the children gets water in their shoes, because at that point all bets are off and the crying never stops. That’s why rubber boots for the children are so important in wet weather.  Vertbaudet offers a range of wellington boots including guest design 100Drine, which are really helpful in keeping the baby’s feet comfortable,  they have an insulated lining, which is good for keeping feet warm. A bonus of these boots is the fact that the sole is slip-resistant, which makes unexpected falls less likely, even during a rainstorm. The 100Drine wellies have really cute cartoon graphics, too. The boys’ version has a black background with coloured graphics, while the girls’ version has a white background with more lightly coloured graphics. I’ve even taken to bringing them with us whenever I see clouds in the sky. The fun designs even make children want to wear them … winning half the battle already!

Vertbaudet Wellies

The range of wellies are so warm they can be worn for the winter, but I prefer to have separate baby boots for separate seasons, so I also checked out the Vertbaudet winter line of baby boots. For babies who are beyond the new-born stage, I found a really good choice to be the wellies boots. These boots contain a removable sock, which helps the baby to maintain warmth. I liked the fact that the sock was removable, so that I could wash it after a particularly wet day. And once again, the soles of these boots are slip resistant, so that even on icy days my babies didn’t lose their footing right away. Ideal for unexpected snow showers like we seem to be having in the UK  …. and children always want to go out in the snow, so a great idea that really works to keep those little toes snug and warm!

Vertbaudet offers a range of baby clothes, children’s clothes and home collections for your little ones and with their Final Clearance sale now on, there’s hundreds of items reduced by up to 70% off.

There really are some amazing bargains to be had ….  visit Vertbaudet now at