Kym Marsh: Teen Mums

Every now and then a program advertised catches my eye. This week it was the turn of Kym Marsh, the Coronation Street actress and ex-popstar, and a selection of teen mums.

As Richard Desmond took over Channel 5 there was always a danger that the programming could go to pot. However the results of the survey carried out within my own house have returned a rather different view – Channel 5 documentaries are now a regular on the viewing schedule and have managed to transcend the boundaries between celeb-gossip and hard hitting docs.

Kym Marsh was a teen mum with Emily and David her two not-so-little-now children, and with this experience under her belt, she’s out and about on the streets of Manchester offering support and advice to some current teen mums.

The documentary managed to draw attention to a range of issues faced by today’s teen mums (and all parents to a certain extent); including loneliness, financial worries, and striking the balance between being a caring mother and living a life of your own.

If you would like to see more then visit the Channel 5 site here. Unfortunately it appears it was a one off, but it left me wanting to see more. Come on Kym, let’s see you champion motherhood and present us with more documentaries.