Interior Design Predictions for 2012

Interior design is constantly evolving. Just like the fashion catwalks in New York, London and Paris, interior design is a fashion in every sense of the word. Combining the latest materials and fabrics with new stylistic possibilities and design creations produces an exciting, dynamic industry. Whether you can keep up with the changes or not is not really what’s important, only that you know these new possibilities exist. Here are some of the interior design trend predictions for 2012.

Design for comfort
With increasing numbers of people being forced into staying put rather than moving on up the housing ladder, home interiors are being reinvented. In 2012 this will extend to new ways of living, new colours and new materials. One design change or extension at least will be in soft furnishings and lighting. Everything will be softer and more tactile. Natural fabrics such as leather, suede, cotton silk will be introduced in new ways into seating arrangements, table set ups and wall decoration. Lighting will be gentler and more forgiving casting dynamic shadows and illuminating key areas only.

The use of recycled products is going to grow exponentially over the coming years. Design products such as a house built entirely from glass bottles and others that have utilised solar roof tiles are going to be used as inspiration for more widespread developments. Inside homes reclaimed antique furniture, wood, metals and glass will be used to furnish homes. Recycled materials will also be used as the very building blocks of new homes with wood and concrete enjoying a revival.

Warm, rich colours such as ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, golden yellow and turquoise will be combined with delicate hues of coral, ivory, brown, grey and cream. The idea being to create something warm, welcoming and relaxing; like old reading or smoking rooms from the early 20th century.

Natural materials like wood, stone, glass and ceramic tiles will complement these warm shades. But harsher, colder materials such as stainless steel and brick will be used to offer contrast and interest, in keeping with the idea of tactility. Wallpaper too will be used in conjunction with paints to add texture and install a level of creativity into the interior design.