The Many Benefits of a DIY Weekend

If you thought DIY was just a way to pass the time on a rainy weekend, think again. Engaging in a little hands on home improvement can do a great deal to improve your quality of life, the value of your property and it can even have a positive effect on the cost of your home insurance premiums.

There are many ways in which a little DIY can enhance your day to day life. Installing sensible storage solutions, for example, can free up much needed space and give your home a lighter and airier feeling, reducing clutter and creating a more relaxing and calming environment. A lick of paint can give an old room a much needed new lease of life and finishing off those odds and ends – broken skirting boards, cracks in the ceiling, flaws in the paintwork – will free you from the daily reminder of chores yet to be done as you walk past them during the week.

A little redecoration work can also do wonders for the value of your property. On the whole, properties that feel full of light and well organised, will sell at a higher price than those that feel dark and over crowded. So if you are thinking of selling your property, take a look at the minimalist approach to interior design. Pale colours, uncluttered surfaces and plenty of light will all help you to achieve a higher selling price. Going for a blank-canvas look allows prospective buyers the freedom to imagine their own tastes at work on the space you have put up for sale.

Last but not least, engaging in a little DIY regarding the security of your home will not only help you to sleep more soundly at night, it could also reduce your home insurance premiums. Whether you insured your property online, over the phone or through a bank, you could be eligible for premiums discounts when you install recommended brands of burglar alarms and locks on doors on windows. Call your provider for further details.