Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by Any Means

Christmas is nearly upon us and I for one am currently populating my Amazon wishlist of escapist travel literature ready to try and point my relatives in the right direction of things-what-I-would-like before they embark on their Christmas Shopping day.

Charley Boorman is consistently one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to his adventures on bike and of late, by any means. Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by Any Means is the latest book in his collection and accompanies the 2009 BBC Adventure/Travel TV series.

Filming for the series started back in May 2009 leaving from Manly, Sydney with a bike convoy. Boorman then traveled across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and completed his journey in Tokyo, Japan in August.

Although the TV series tends to focus more on the danger and problems in order to ‘make good tv’, the book allows you to enjoy the journey, not just the destinations and is a great way to get an overview across a vast area of territory, and is one of the most recently published books about the area.

You can order  Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by Any Means from Amazon